Thermal Insulation Composite System

Our services include:

1. Supply: We supply the highest German Quality materials of hawo Company. (For details about our Materials Technical Datasheets, please see below)

2. Implementation: Our achievement are supervised by a Certified Engineer of Koster company. They are implemented by Allngar Professional and Experienced Staff.

3. Warranty: Our services warranty long term solutions ( for 25 to 50 years ).
You will save money with us because your building will not need maintenance in the future.

Our services are perfectly in harmony with modern art on Engineering and they are environmental friendly.

Thermal Insulation Composite System installment.

  1. Adhesive compound: MG III grau.
  2. Rockwool.
  3. Screwed plug.
  4. Hawo PVC , Membrano, Fabric Corners angle mesh. 
  5. Kam liecht premium.
  6. Hawo reinforcement mesh 8×8.
  7. Hawo Quarz Grund.
  8. Hawo marmor putz.
  9. Hawo Microsilicon Elast.


  1. Apply Adhesive compound: MG III grau for Fixing rock wool in the surface. 
  2. Apply Rockwool. 
  3. Using Screwed plug and cover for holding the rock wool on the surface. 
  4. Using Hawo PVC, Membrano and Fabric Corner angle mesh for angle, corner and outer corners of windows.
  5. Apply two layers of Kam liecht premium as a plaster
  6. Laying Hawo reinforcement mesh 8×8 between two layers of Kam liecht premium.
  7. Apply Havo quarz grund one day before applying Hawo marmor put.
  8. Apply Hawo marmor put.
  9. Apply Hawo Microsilicon.

Materials and Datasheets

Adhesive compound: MG III grau
  • MG III is a mineral, factory-made dry mortar, mortar group P III, according to DIN 18550 or
  • Powdered adhesive and filler for hawo thermal insulation composite systems.
  • For bonding insulating materials
    as well as for the production of armored ones
    putty layers. Mineral hydraulic setting, mortar group P III, according to DIN 18 550
  • Highly water vapor permeable.

  • Rockwool layer ( a wool, looks like a strong matress) is
    roduced in shapes blocks and produced by Mega Company.
    Length: 100 cm, Width: 50 cm, Thikness: Various mesures ( 4, 5, 6 or 10 cm).
  • Density: Goes up to 150 KG/M3. We provide the densities per your request.

Screwed Plug
  • Approved for all building material classes.
  • The EJOT STR principle with ejotherm STR roundel for homogeneous
    surfaces and even plaster application – quick and easy without milling
  • Up to 40% faster screwing time.
  • Optimized thermal bridges (0.001 W/K).
  • Alternatively, can be mounted flush with the surface with ejotherm STR
  • Shortest anchoring depths, highest loads for maximum safety and low
    dowel consumption
  • Permanent contact pressure.
  • Screw pre-assembled for quick assembly.
  • 100% setting control: sinking the plate signals secure anchoring

Hawo PVC , Membrano, Fabric Corners angle mesh.

Multi-part plaster strip made of PVC, with foam tape (PE sealing tape),

rigid tear-off tab, fabric strips, shadow gap and elastic Soft PVC loop.

Plaster strip with greater movement absorption.

For the exact formation of driving rain-tight, flexible connections in the
hawo ETIC system on non-moving constructions,
substrates and components, e.g. B. Window and door frames.
Suitable for windows:

  •  ≤ 10 m² (or edge length <5 linear meters)
  • Windows mounted flush with the masonry
  • Front mounted windows
  • Windows recessed with reveals
  • Also for insulating material thicknesses > 160 mm
  • Plaster thickness up to 10 mm

Kam liecht premium

Highly tempered, mineral, fiber reinforced,
water repellent dry mortar.
CS II according to DIN EN 998-1, mortar
group P II according to DIN 18550.

Hawo reinforcement mesh 8x8

Pecially finished, highly tear-resistant glass fiber mesh fabric.

  • Push resistant.
  • High traction resistance.
  • Plasticiser free.
  • Alkali resistant.
  • Mesh size 8×8 mm.
  • Straightened cut edges.

Hawo Quarz Grund

Quartz Primer is a primer and intermediate coat
to unify the absorption behaviour of mineral
substrates and an adhesion promoter for
subsequent coatings and finishing plasters.

Hawo marmor putz

Highly modified mineral ready mix dry mortar with graded, brilliant white marble sands.

Good adhesive, it is a plaster used for surface of the Rockwool Resistance to weather.


Hawo Microsilicon

Elastic silicone resin facade paint, mat, water-dilutable, weather resistant according to German VOB DIN 18 363.


  • Cold elasticity below 0 celsius.
  • Crack bridging.
  • Capillary hydrophobic.
  • Permeable to water vapor and breathable.
  • Mineral mate.
  • Fast back-drying of the facade.

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