Wet Area

Wet Area

Wet Area

Wet Area is one of the areas of the building where our company provides Waterproofing services.

Our services include:

1. Supply: We supply the highest German Quality materials of Koster Company. (For details about our Materials Technical Datasheets, please see below)

2. Implementation: Our achievement are supervised by a Certified Engineer of Koster company. They are implemented by Allngar Professional and Experienced Staff.

3. Warranty: Our services warranty long term solutions ( for 25 to 50 years ).
You will save money with us because your Wet Area will not need maintenance in the future.

Our services are perfectly in harmony with modern art on Engineering and they are environmental friendly.
Our company installs the Waterproofing system for Wet Area per the following steps:

Layers and Procedures
Wet Area Waterproofing installment.


1. Cleaning and griding the substrate.

2. Using Super Fleece for wall and floor junction.

3. Apply KOSTER BD 50 primer , to consolidate, strengthen, and to protect mineral substrates and to reduce their absorbency and increase adhesion.

4. Apply two layers of KOSTER BD 50 as a water proofing layer.

Materials and Datasheet:

KOSTER BD 50 Primer
  • Special primer for the KÖSTER BD System on dry or absorbent substrates. 
  • Penetrates deeply into the substrate creating an excellent bonding bridge for the subsequent waterproofing.
  • is solvent-, plasticizerand filler-free.
  • is water-resistant which means that after the application it does not wash off or rain off.


Materials and Datasheet:

KOSTER Superfleece

• High strength polyester nonwoven reinforcement fabric for liquid waterproofing products. To reinforce waterproofing in corners and other areas prone to cracking
• to connect to gutters, gullies, and similar custom details.
• 10 cm and 30 cm wide, 50 m roll.


Materials and Datasheet:

  • Solvent-free.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Highly elastic.
  • Waterproofing surfaces under tile and
    coverings in damp and wet rooms.
  • Dries quickly to make impact.
  • Crack bridging.
  • For waterproofing surfaces under tile.
  • It cures to a highly flexible.

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