Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool is one of the areas of the building where our company provides Waterproofing services.

Our services include:

1. Supply: We supply the highest German Quality materials of Koster Company. (For details about our Materials Technical Datasheets, please see below)

2. Implementation: Our achievement are supervised by a Certified Engineer of Koster company. They are implemented by Allngar Professional and Experienced Staff.

3. Warranty: Our services warranty long term solutions ( for 25 to 50 years ).
You will save money with us because your Swimming Pool will not need maintenance in the future.

Our services are perfectly in harmony with modern art on Engineering and they are environmental friendly.
Our company installs the Waterproofing system for Basement wall per the following steps:

Layers and Procedures
Swimming Pool Waterproofing installment.


1. Fillets KÖSTER Repair Mortar plus.

2. Negative side waterproofing KÖSTER NB 1 Grey .

3. Positive side waterproofing ( KÖSTER NB Elastic Grey or TPO ).

4. Penetrations KÖSTER KB-Flex 200.

Procedures of NB Elastic Grey:

1. Cleaning and griding for the substrate.

2. Using Koster repair mortar plus for the fillets.

3. Apply 2 layers of Koster NB 1 grey for negative side water proofing. If the other side of the wall has not been waterproofed, then NB 1 grey is using.

4. Apply Koster poly sill TG 500, to consolidate, strengthen, and to protect mineral substrates and to reduce their absorbency and increase adhesion.

5. Apply 2 layers of Koster NB elastic grey as a water proofing layer.

6. Using Glass fiber mesh between the two layers to reduce the danger of cracking.

7. Using KB Flex 200 For sealing pipe and cable penetrations.

Procedures of TPO:

1. Cleaning and griding for the substrate.

2. Laying Koster TPO.

Materials and Datasheets

KOSTER Repair Mortar Plus
  • Hydrophobic and water proofing.
  • fast setting repair mortar which is resistant to pressurized water.
  • slightly expanding repair mortar with excellent adhesion
  • it can be used as a PCC (polymermodified cement concrete) mortar.

  • Cementitious.
  • Abrasion resistant.
  • Chemical and sulphate resistance.
  • Suitable for moist surfaces.
  • Water Proofing.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Open to water vapor diffusion.
  • Certified for drinking water environments.
  • Can seal the hairline cracks caused by shrinkage

KOSTER NB Elastic grey
  • Cement base.
  • Abrasion resistant
  • waterproofing.
  • Suitable for moist surfaces.
  • Elastic.
  • Resistant to foot traffic.
  • Suitable for mineral substrates such as
    concrete and brick walls.
  • Can be use for under tile. 

  • Membrane.
  • Hot-air-welding plastic roofing.
  • Made of thermoplastic polyolefins.
  • Can be used for flat roofs, pitched roofs,
    green roofs, terraces, balconies, roof
    gardens and concrete water tanks.
  • UV-Resistant.
  • Recyclable.
  • Safe for health, water, soil, and plants.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • High cold flexibility (≤ -50°C).
  • Free of softeners and chlorine.

KOSTER KB Flex 200
  • Sealant for pipe and cable penetrations even in the case of pressurized water.
  • 1-component.
  • permanently plastic material ،can therefore be directly applied from the cartridge – even in the case of flowing water.
  • Excellent adhesion to multiple substrates.
  • Easy application.
  • Horizontal and vertical (overhead) applications are possible – Irregular shapes can be sealed.
  • Good chemical resistance.
  • Resist water pressure.

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